Difference between unloading vs emptying a dishwasher ...

Understanding language is a challenge for Siri. A simple task of loading and unloading of a dishwasher was complex for her.  Whenever the request came from dad she was always correct but from me she was consistently wrong.and we figured out!!!

I tell Siri “nana please unload and load the dishwasher” she goes to the kitchen and puts the dirty dishes on the clean ones. So I wait until she starts the work. If I hear the tap running I will go and tell her to unload first while putting few dishes out and she follows.
Her dad tells her “Siri empty the dishwasher and load it up” she goes and does exactly what he says.

We didn’t realize until recently that she is getting confused between loading and unloading. Unloading vs Emptying

This is the HUGE puzzle we solved. Won lotto💰

Autism makes communication a challenge but Siri is a smart girl to read the cues and go with it. As a mom if it’s so difficult, I just can’t imagine how it is for my precious Siri.


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