Health scare for Siri in the year 2012 ...

In the year 2012 we noticed Siri putting on weight. We took her to the doctor to check out her health. Doctors did some blood tests and the results were much higher than the range. Hers was in triple digits while the normal range was double digits.

We were advised to get a scan of her brain. Siri was supposed to stay still during the scan but she didn’t so we had to try the second time with anesthesia. It was a very difficult decision we (Siri’s parents) had to make.

This is how I prepared Siri. “Nana Siri the doctor is going to give you an injection and you will fall asleep. Once you wake up mommy will give you gummy worms and a Diet Coke”. I told this repeatedly many times. She was supposed to go into the procedure with empty stomach which means she didn’t eat for the past several hours.

I made it exciting for her by telling about what she will get once she wakes up. It was extremely emotional for me but then I had to be strong for my Siri. Her dad was present but he didn’t say anything but worried. Being an ER physician it still worried him seeing his precious daughter go under anesthesia.

Surprisingly Siri did well. We found out that she has a benign tumor which is controlled by medications now.

As parents we cannot see our kids catch a cold or have any kind of discomfort. If the child is special needs and cannot understand much language then it feels like someone ripped open your heart. But then realizing that God is watching over Siri made us strong and confident.

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