Hooked on to Diet Coke ...

We have celebrated Siri’s first birthday in India. Her grand parents threw a huge party which was more like a small wedding.

Siri didn’t do well with the change of everything. Starting with the weather, people, food, sounds, smells and many more. Since it was hard for us to find clean water and with her being sick with high temperature and diarrhea her dad started giving her sodas. She was given Sprite and she did well.

Siri, who never showed any interest in new foods nor drinks started liking sodas. Pretty soon she got hooked to Diet Coke which continued into her adulthood. She used to drink at least three to four a day. Any time we go out that’s an extra Diet Coke for the day. We tried stopping that behavior but nothing worked.

We started buying flavored carbonated water and she switched. Now she doesn’t ask for any type of Coke.

This is a recent change from last month.

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