I always thought that I was a horrible mom to Siri.

Seeing this picture I remembered the day I was holding this beautiful treasure of mine. Delivered my precious after being bedridden for three very long months because of high blood pressure.

Finally, after the baby arrived, I didn’t get to have a good night sleep as she was constantly demanding to be with me. She didn’t want to be with her dad but only with me. I remember not getting a chance to have a meal without being anxious about the baby crying for me. Her dad managed the cooking and cleaning in the house while working as a new ER physician in his first job after graduating.

I was so disappointed with myself. I was home alone with my baby and no help around in addition to being super scared and shy to reach out. I felt sorry for her thinking that I am not a good mother as she didn’t feel the connection with me. 

I used to wonder how other moms would spend so much time with their babies and still be happy. I was so anxious all the time. 

Today, I see her as a strong and confident girl. Just that Autism is attached to her name but I know for sure that she will have a happy and a prosperous future. Most of all I know for sure that God will take care of my precious as He is her creator. He wanted her to be just the way she is ♥️. 100% innocent forever. 

Siri has taught me a lot about life and I would not have learned from any place for any price. I wouldn’t exchange this experience of mine for anything in this world.

Nothing but God’s Grace 🙏🏽 ...

Tomorrow she has therapy at CARD and a big day after. May God continue to watch over her 24/7 without a blink. 

Privileged to be my precious Siri’s ♥️ mom. 
I love my other two the same. 
Siri, Vamsi & Kiran all together make my sweet world. 
I thank God every day for all 3 & their dad of course 😜 ...

Thanks for supporting and following Siri on her FB page and YouTube channel “DesignsBySiri”.
  thinking about how blessed I am.

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