Oops! Daddy don’t eat my fingers please, I need them to make beautiful jewelry when I grow up ♥️ …

Siri has come a very long way. Today when I look at this picture, it looks cute but back then it wasn't so pleasurable. Don't get me wrong I treasure my child no matter how she was, how she is and how she may be in future.

I had to be with her 24/7 and she was a very lite sleeper who used to sleep on my chest while I rocked her on the rocking chair. She would sleep only if I sang and kept rocking. I have gained almost 100lbs during my pregnancy and taking care of her soon after delivery all by myself made it extremely difficult. Didn't know anyone in San Francisco where she was born and in addition to that her dad started his new and first job as an ER physician.

I would request my husband to come home during his lunch hour so that I could quickly shower and eat something so that I could take care of her until he returned from work. I was always in my apartment as I was afraid she would cry if I took her out of the home. I don't remember taking her out on my own any where when she was younger.

When I recall those days, I realize what it took to raise a child with autism and also how far she has come with the loving support of her family of two younger brothers and parents.

Siri works hard and that's her strength.


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