Siri's struggle with the volume of her speech ...

My Siri this morning before she walked out of the home.  Every morning before she takes off, we give her a kiss on her beautiful forehead and say “God bless you nana Siri”. She runs to the van repeating what we say until the door of the van is closed.  We were working on her loud voice for the past many years. I got frustrated as nothing is helping Siri and I started doing my own teaching. 
I started telling her after the kiss, “nana Siri walk slowly to the van” she started walking slowly to the van but still saying “God bless you nana Siri” very loudly. Then I started saying “nana walk slowly and quietly to the van” in a soft voice.
This morning I didn’t say anything but a kiss on her gorgeous forehead.  She walked slowly and quietly.
Autism is a strange condition where they don’t hear, see, feel or understand the way we all do. Siri cannot hear herself speaking loudly and we cannot explain to her what soft speaking is.  One thing for sure is that if she had the voice to communicate she would definitely tell exactly how everything I do, say or think makes her feel which must be annoying to her.
The humbleness and patience she inherited from her dad is the greatest asset for Siri. Siri has come a long way and we know that she has a lot more potential for the future.

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