Working on Sir's voice volume through jewelry making...

Siri worked very hard today. Mom worked on Siri’s speech without Siri knowing about it.

Through jewelry making I worked on Siri’s speech. I wrote on two pieces of paper one instruction on each one. One had a green sticker with “Good voice mommy is very happy” and a smiley at the bottom. The other one had a red dot sticker and read “too loud mommy’s ears are hurting” with a frown at the bottom.

Every time Siri spoke softly I held the green one up and praised her, gave her high five and also multiple kisses on her fingers. This took her by surprise and stuck with softer voice. In between she got loud and at that time I pointed to the red dot and had a normal face. She read what was on the paper and didn’t expect any reaction from me.

We worked from 10am to 2pm. Siri made many earrings and one bracelet. Through it all I kept her voice busy by asking her simple questions.

Later we had to go to CARD (Center for Autism and Related Disorders). I shared with them how I worked and also told them how I expected her to answer once. For example if we ask her “is this an apple”? Siri says Yes Yes Yes and if the answer is No she says thrice too. I made her answer with one word. She got it!

I am so happy for Siri and planning to repeat this every day.

Picture after CARD therapy.


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