Chewy Neckalce

Chewy Neckalce

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Silicone teething necklace...a silicone chewy sensory necklace that's the perfect size for biting and chewing. Fidget necklaces are safe for biting during anxiety and kids with autism/add/adhd. 

This chewing necklace acts as a sensory necklaces, also prevents thumb/nail/hair/clothes biting in children. Sensory necklaces are recommended by a pediatrician and a dentist as a safe alternative for the toxic bitter tasting nail polishes or stress balls. If you have a biter (nail biter, or a child that bites other kids, or bites hair, chews on their thumb/hair or clothing) encourage your child to wear this necklace and when they have an urge to bite into something, they can now bite into this cute silicone necklace. A pediatrician called it a "great transitional tool to break a bad habit" ; one therapist said "it is really valuable tool for children with sensory needs, who are 'active learners' and who's attention actually increases when their body is in motion (often students with an ADHD or autism spectrum diagnosis)." Also for children with Asperger Syndrome, this necklace provides comfort - a familiar object they recognize from home when they're away from home.

Chewy necklaces for kids are designed specifically for chewing and biting, and are free from chemicals:
FDA approved 100% high quality Food Grade Silicone
BPA Free
No Phthalates
No Lead
Washable with soap and water
Dishwasher Safe/Freezer Safe

They can be used on babies who are teething for their chewing and biting needs. 

Purple hexagone and round beads with grey, turquoise round beads.  Necklace is 25" - 30".